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For a relaxed and calm dental experience, we offer our patients different levels of sedation – to ensure they can receive treatment without discomfort or anxiety.

Sedation is widely used and trusted by dental professionals all over the world. At Fairford Leys Smile Centre, we want our patients to feel confident in our care and have undertaken the necessary training and certification in administering dental sedatives.

We offer IV sedation and oral sedation for patients undergoing extensive treatment or for patients who may experience heightened dental anxiety.

If you would like sedation, please discuss this with us prior to your treatment. We will explain the process so you are fully informed prior to attending.

IV Sedation

Administered through an injection, traditionally in the back of the hand, IV sedation is a form of ‘conscious sedation’ and creates a feeling of deep relaxation. While you remain awake throughout the procedure, you may not recall any of the actual treatment. IV sedation is completely safe and medically approved.

Oral Sedation

Typically taken an hour or so before treatment, oral sedation is described as ‘conscious sedation’ – so you’ll be awake throughout treatment yet you will feel relaxed and at ease. This type of sedation is easy to administer as it’s taken in a tablet form and there is no need for needles. Oral sedation is completely safe and medically approved.

We recommend attending with a friend or loved one if you are due to have sedation, as you may feel slightly drowsy for a few hours afterwards.

For more information or to book a consultation, please click here or call 01296 398 180.


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