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A dental filling is one of the most widely used restorative dental treatments to protect the teeth and to prevent dental enamel from deteriorating. It’s thought that most people will require at least one filling during their lifetime.

Fillings are used to prevent decay from further damaging the dental enamel. Holes or cavities can form due to acid within plaque and these need to be covered or ‘filled’ to prevent bacteria from entering the inside of a tooth and causing infection. It is important to maintain a positive daily oral care routine to remove plaque build-up and prevent cavities.

At Fairford Leys Smile Centre, we offer different filling types including metallic and various tooth-coloured options – which can also be used to replace old silver amalgam fillings for a more natural look.

While metallic fillings are strong and hard wearing. Many people prefer tooth-coloured options as they can be placed anywhere in the mouth without being obvious to others. We always aim to use composite (white) fillings within our practice.


Your treatment

When you attend for a routine appointment, we’ll examine your teeth visually and take dental x-rays. The latter will help our dentist to identify whether you need a filling. If the decay is severe, you may require a restoration that offers more coverage – such as an inlay, onlay or dental crown.

Your filling can either be made by the laboratory or will be shaped and bonded directly onto the tooth – it depends on the type of material that is chosen.

Once the filling has been applied, we’ll polish it so it feels smooth and comfortable within your mouth.


Benefits of fillings

  • Treat cavities and prevent deterioration of the tooth
  • Strong and hard wearing
  • Can be coloured to match your natural teeth
  • Can last for many years
  • No mercury

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